Does it sound great?

We also ask our quality control crew (a very select group of friends, trusted professionals and average Joe's) to do the same and then give their honest feedback. We do this because technical specifications only tell a small part of the story. Any musician or music producer with any experience knows that when it comes to audio equipment the most important question is:When and only when we get the unanimous thumbs up from our inner circle do we release a product commercially. This process can take months or even years but we are uncompromising! What you won't get from Lattanzio Audio is new product launches every other month. What you will get is a product we know delivers and performs beyond most expectations and represents true value for money. 


Our philosophy is simple...

We make very  few products or models and focus on making them the best they can possibly be. Additionally when we design and develop a new product we really put it through it's paces before it goes to market. We use the product in the same ways you will be using them or in other words in very practical real world applications.